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Oh Wow! The Tokyo Subway Map! Totally Love It!

My Favorite Map of all time – The Tokyo Subway Map – Makes me smile 🙂
Little bit of a slow loader but worth the wait! Once it loads click the view up to 50% and you will see the image.


Interesting Global Map of Religions – Ohhhh Wow!

Fascinating and Detailed breakdown of our world religions. Oh Wow!

Take a look at this colorful breakdown of the world religions. Fascinating, Oh Wow kinda stuff.

Ring of Fire Map – Rumble Wow

The Ring of Fire has long fascinated us. The realities of living on the Ring of Fire can be very dramatic.

Animated Map of Nuclear Explosions 1945-1998 – Uh Wow?

Crazy scary Oh Wow Map! No wonder there is so much cancer in the world. Who knew? In 1998 I was 32 and had 2 kids. Glad we are done with that!

Red & Blue Political Map from 2008 Election – Oh Wow oh Wow…

Red and Blue Map morphed through the ipad camera lens type technology. I kinda feel sorry for Alaska and Hawaii – where is the love? Pretty Wow!

Futuristic Map of US Under Water? Now I Am Scared – Uh Oh Wow!

Imagine the West Coast Under Water and the Great Lakes Flowing South. These maps are a little freaky. The earth is a living breathing thing and like our bodies, change over time. Dang Wow!

Global Night Light Map! Wow oh Wow!

Ta Da! Here is the Global Night Light Map! Again Super Interesting where all the power is! Freaking Wow!

USA Night Light Map – Wow!

I have always Love this Oh Wow Map. I lived in Tokyo for 7 years – Will find their Night Lights Map too 🙂

Oh Wow! Ever Wondered How Close Your Nearest McDonalds is?

This Oh Wow map Blows My Mind! What the heck? No wonder Michelle Obama is concerned about what the kids eat!

US Population Density Map – Kinda Wow

Another Wow map showing where we live! Interesting how the eastern half and western coastal areas have the most people.