Cancer Cluster Map – Oh Sad Un-Wow :(

See your county for the cancer ratio –


Do I Live in a Potential Terrorist Hot Spot – USA – Oh My Wow!

Check out the article that goes with this fascinating and scary map:

Natural Disasters 2011 Map – Uh Oh Wow

Another spectacular OhWowMap! If you thought last year was tough geologically, take a look at this map – It wasn’t your imagination.

Like to Garden – Veggies, Fruit, Climate – Oh Wow!

Food prices on the rise! Maybe it’s time to start a little MicroGarden? Find out your climate and planting zone.

Electrical Map for USA – Hot Wow!

I would have thought that AZ would be higher than it is. My electric bill ranges between $320 and $390 a month – every month all year long……

7 Billion Wow!mans

Seven billion people live where? Super Wow! We can all fit in Texas with the density of Manhattan. Sounds like fun! No, really:)